Creating ecosystem that will tackle future use cases
of blockchain and DLT in space industry
Blockchain for space
Blockchain4Space has swiftly growing global ecosystem that involves both companies and individuals, making the largest collaboration of its kind in the blockchain applications for space industry.
Aliance is created to foster innovation on the intersection of two disruptive industries — blockchain and space.
It is aimed to facilitate innovation
on both individual and corporate levels and to bring long term benefits to society.
Blockchain4Space facilitates blockchain technology adoption
in space sector by facilitating dialog between different actors and creates platform for future collaboration
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Our focus
Who we are
Blockchain for space Alieance
It is important to consider the role of blockchain
in space exploration as it will have a profound effect on space technology, financing and governance, creating new benefits for the futureof mankind
Blockchain is a disruptive technology that will play an important role in Forth Industrial Revolution. Space will play an important role in exponential growth that will be ushered in the fourth industrial revolution creating global abundance of resources.
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